Captain Crunch
Character Information
Birth name Horatio Magellan Crunch
Nickname(s) The Captain


Captain Crunch

Born Unknown
Physical description
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Xtreme Rap Battles 1

Xtreme Rap Battles 13

Vs Blackbeard
Release Date N/A

Captain Crunch battled Blackbeard in Xtreme Rap Battles 1. He battled him again in Xtreme Rap Battles 13. He was played both times by Teddy Drummund.

Information on the RapperEdit

Horatio Magellan Crunch (Unknown Birth Date) was born on Crunch Island in the Sea of Milk. It is speculated that he is French due to his Napolean-esqe attire. He owns a ship known as The Good Ship Guppy. He is in frequent battle with a villian pirate known as Jean LaFoote. He is the official mascot of the Cap'N'Crunch cereal that was created for the purpose of warding off soggy cereal.

In reality, Crunch was part of an instantaneous set of positivly acclaimed advertisments animated by Jay Ward Productions. He was voiced by Daws Butler before his death in 1988.


Xtreme Rap Battles 1 (13 in parenthesis):Edit

Verse One:Edit

It's breakfast time, so forget all sides,

Captain Blackbeard, you're about to get Crunch-A-Tized!

You think you'll win? We'll see who's hotter,

I stay crunchy in milk, you stay dead in the water!

You died years ago, I won't, know why?

'Cause i'm a fictional character, and we never die!

I know i'll win this rap battle, or at least I have a hunch,

No matter how good you are, you still don't bring the crunch!

Verse Two:Edit

I don't need you here, messing up my style,

Just face it, you're losing to the cereal aisle!

No kids have heard of Blackbeard, but i'm famous and wealthy,

Judging by my sales, no one cares if i'm unhealthy,

I'm on TV and commercials everyday, much more,

Than a small cameo in Pirates of the Carribean 4!

(You're like my first mate, so embrace the Captain's power!

And P.U dude! You really need a shower!)

Verse Three:Edit

I'll throw you overboard into the ocean blue!

And if you say another word, I'll go Robert Maynard on you!

You're heading for my ship, I think you better stop,

Or watch all of your bones Snap, Crackle, and Pop!