Eduard Khil battled Rick Astley in Xtreme Rap Battles 3. He was played by Val Stevens.


Who the Rapper is based off of

 Information on the RapperEdit

Eduard Khil was born September 4th, 1934 in Smolensk, Russia. During World War II, he performed for injured soldiers on the eastern front. He later began singing pop songs, winning many awards. He mostly known for his song, "I Am Glad, 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home", which is also known as the Trololo song, because in most parts of the song, he repeats "Trololo!" It is mainly used as a trolling sceme. He died June 4th, 2012. He has one son, Dmitri.


Verse One:Edit

My name is Mr. Trololo, just call me Mr. T,

'Cause I pity all you fool's crappy internet memes,

I'm not even interested in this battle, does it show?

Watch out Rickroll, i'm getting Trolowlowlow,

Everytime I try to watch something it takes me to you,

Is that how you managed to get 65 Million views?

You're like a skinny CopperCab, you know what you should do?

I know you're never gonna, but i'd give up if I were you!

Verse Two:Edit

You wanna make jokes about how I expired?

Is that your hair or did someone set your scalp on fire?

Even in death I will troll you, you just can't escape it,

They'll sing it at my funeral, will somebody tape it?

And upload it to YouTube so the whole world can see,

That I'M the better troll, better than YOU Rick Astley!