Rap Battle 1 - Google vs

Rap Battle 1 - Google vs. Bing

Google VS Bing
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The 1st installment of EpicRapBattles10's Rap Battles. It features the two famous search engines battling, Google and Bing. It was uploaded April 10th, 2011.



My website is Google, the one everyone picks,

You'd be lucky if you were announced as my sidekick,

Everyone likes my easy-to-use look,

And I have more likes than you on Facebook,

Nobody would even compare you to me,

You're just a Google Search Engine wannabe,

It's an obvious choice of which one they will chose,

You've entered in a battle that you're clearly gonna lose!


My website is Bing, and you know it will bring,

A search engine that you can search for, anything,

We may be brand new, and we rise to the top,

As you watch your Google site visitors number drop,

Man, your website must be sad,

I wouldn't want a search surrounded by millions of ads,

You may have more likes on Facebook, well look at that now,

At least our site looks good with a picture in the background!


Your background picture's a distraction to viewers,

You want them to pick you because your website is newer?

Our website's like steel, we can't break or bend,

I've seen better links over on MSN,

Your website is a TERRIBLE pile of crap,

Not only are your links useless, but so are your raps,

It's the worst shit I have ever seen,

Your website colors are like a jar of jellybeans.


I don't want them to pity me! No, not at all!

This is a search engine, rap battle, full out brawl,

And did you just compare us to a jellybean jar?

That's like comparing a bicycle to a highly advanced sports car,

You claim that Google's the one everyone picks?

Well all your Google employees can suck on [[Bing|Bing's] dick,

Now that we're a little more down to Earth,

I think people will think twice before going to Google to search.

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