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Rap Battle 10 - Eminem vs

Rap Battle 10 - Eminem vs. M&M

The 10th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It features one of the best rappers of all time, Eminem, against the Red and Yellow M&M's mascots. It was uploaded December 23rd, 2011.



Well look what we got here, it's the Gay Parade,

You can come at me M&M, cause you know I'm Not Afraid,

You think that you're better? Why do you even try?

But that's alright M&M, because I Love The Way You Lie,

I put my rhymes together spitting a new riddle,

I beat your ass so bad the pretzel fall right out ya middle,

Get all your friends together, they might come in handy,

Then go back on the shelf with the rest of that terrible candy!


Well look what we got here, a white rapping faggot,

You know he's a nerd, in 8-Mile his name was B-Rabbit,

You got pretty lucky, as someone came to save the day,

A nerdy rapper I've never heard, what was his name, Doctor Dre?

You think that you're legit? But really you're a curse,

I'm the real M&M, I was the one invented first,

So take a seat bro, yeah just sit back,

And watch the real M&M spit a nasty rap.


1 Pac, Tupac, M&M, Small Cock,

I'll dis you so bad, you'll be humilliated like Papa Doc,

I perform infront of millions more angry than the Joker,

The "M" on your chest must stand for Mediocre,

It's not even that hard to come in and beat you,

If I was standed on an island I still wouldn't eat you!

I haven't tasted you at all, not even when I was little,

Screw M&M, i'd rather eat an entire bag of Skittles!


Well Eminem, where do I even begin?

Turn me upside down, the M stands for WIN,

Eminem let me ask, do you even have eyes?

The reason I rap like a boss is cause i'm black deep inside!

Me and you in the same battle, what does that equal?

I'll show you what it's really like when Bad meets Evil,

Put me in your mouth, swallow me down your throat,

At least when I go in to spit I don't freakin' choke!

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