Rap Battle 12 - Snape vs

Rap Battle 12 - Snape vs. Lord Voldemort


The 12th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It features the Defense Against the Dark arts teacher Severus Snape versus the evil wizard Voldemort from Harry Potter. It was uploaded Febuary 12th, 2012.


Yeah, they call me Severus Snape,

Comin' in hard cause you can't escape,

Can't battle me, no that's a disgrace,

Unlike you, I actrually have a nose on my face!

I can smell your weaknesses, get my wand and start to slaughter,

How can you try to beat me? You can't even beat Harry Potter,

You want to battle me? That's a decision you will dread,

I dish out death spells, you just put scars on people's foreheads.

Lord Voldemort:Edit

Well Snape just let me guess, you and Harry love each other,

What makes the situation awkward is that you tried to get with his mother,

What now Snape? Are you sad over this commotion?

Just shut your worthless mouth and go work on your pointless potions,

I had you once, killed you at last,

Time goes by, oh so fast,

Need some help? Grab a hand,

I'll ship you off to Azkaban!

I don't think twice, word of advice,

Protecting Harry just 'cause you lost your life,

Look behind me, you won't find me,

Nor will Ron, Harry or Hermione!

This is more than just a battle, I got my crew coming at ya'

Then i'll wave my hand in triumph, yelling AVADA KADAVRA!

Severus Snape:Edit

I'm pretty sure Harry killed you sir, now you're in your grave alone,

I got two words for you Voldemort, Resurrection Stone,

I've been protecting Harry ever since I saw his mother,

You and Bellatrix look the same, maybe you should date each other,

Now listen up you flat faced monster, your raps are worse than your spells,

You wear that same cloak everyday, dang, now I know why it smells,

I'll make your heart beat fast, break every bone in your back,

This battle just got serious, more serious than Sirius Black!

Lord Voldemort:Edit

Listen up Severus Snape, you have nothing left to do,

You bring up Sirius Black, but my dementors killed him too!

I'll put this wand up and cast my Final Curse,

Your spells couldn't even compare to mine, maybe you should take some lessons first,

I wiped out most of your people, Now tell me, what does that equal?

You think that i'm completely evil, to beat me you needed a sequel!

My time was here, but is just about up, it's time to cut it short,

Just remember, you haven't heard the last of me, Lord Voldemort!

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