Rap Battle 13 - Jeremy Lin vs

Rap Battle 13 - Jeremy Lin vs. Tim Tebow

 Basics Edit

The 13th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It features point guard for the Houston Rockets, Jeremy Lin, against Tim Tebow, quarterback for the New York Jets. It was uploaded March 4th, 2012.


Jeremy Lin:Edit

Yeah they call me Jeremy Lin, where do I even begin?

You're in deep water, hope you can swim, now, I'm getting the New York Knicks to win!

Look at you so tiny, could you be any shorter?

I play the whole game, you only come out in the 4th quarter!

You represent a city, I represent a whole nation,

I'll come storming after you and kick your ass with my Asian Persuasion,

Look around you son, tell me what you see,

You stick to your Bible verses, i'd rather read the dictionary!

Tim Tebow:Edit

Listen up Lin, I'm not trying to be mean,

But with those eyes, Asians see every movie in widescreen!

You turn the ball over at LEAST ten times a game,

By next year, nobody will even remember your name,

Like "Who's Jeremy Lin? The guy who made a few shots?"

Compared to me, you look more like The Girl Scouts Mascot,

My rap skills are stupendous, I'm about to amaze ya',

You want some rice and chicken? Hop your ass back over to Asia!

Jeremy Lin:Edit

Look at you talking smack on my country, I have Asian Pride!

I'll order rice and chicken, with a can of Tebow Whoop-Ass on the side,

You give an insult, but then say you're not trying to be mean,

More people have drafted me on thier fantasy basketball team,

I look like a mascot? Damn, you're a rookie,

Have you seen your interviews? You look like a girl selling Girl scout cookies!

Come at me Tim Tebow, and soon you'll be knowing,

I got your girl on her knees, you can call it TeBLOWING!

Tim Tebow:Edit

THAT'S ENOUGH! Tim Tebow's about to close you out!

I'll take that basketball and throw a game-winning touchdown your mouth,

You think you're a hero cause you can beat the Raptors?

Not only can I win the playoff games, I can be the better rapper!

Yeah, my name is Tebow, and yes we know i'm a hero,

So I be flying solo, that's a no-no, time to go go,

I'll go and pack my bags, looks like this battle's over,

I'm drunk with athletic talent, and I guess that means you're sober!

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