Rap Battle 19 - Bear Grylls vs

Rap Battle 19 - Bear Grylls vs. Gordon Ramsay - Season 2


The 2nd battle in EpicRapBattles10's Season 2 (19 in all). It has tempermental chef Gordon Ramsay against wilderness survival guru Bear Grylls. It was uploaded July 9th, 2012.


Bear Grylls:Edit

Let's go you grumpy man, why you alway's pissed?

I'll make better food when I'm out in the wilderness!

I wouldn't want to be on your show, always hear you bitchin'

With you working there, I can definatly see why it's called Hell's Kitchen!

Your ship is coming ashore, and i'm about to sink it,

After this battle i'll piss on you, but then again i'll probably drink it...

So calm your ass down and take some anger pills,

Because you may survive the kitchen but you can't survive BEAR GRYLLS!

Gordon Ramsay:Edit

I'm about to kick your ass without a judges panel!

At least I still have a show, you got fired from the Discovery Channel!

YEAH! I don't care what you've heard!

You think you're a gansta rapper? Your real name is Edward!

So you can wipe off that smile,

My show gets way more hits than Man VS Wild!

But your show is over, so leave me alone,

I can't even count how many times you've broken bones!

Bear Grylls:Edit

I've survived all Hell, and STILL made it through!

If I can take a Cobra, I can probably take you too!

I spit venom from my esophagus, ain't no way you be stoppin' this,

But hold on Mr. Ramsay 'cause I think it's time I stop and piss!

Yeah, you know that i'm the best,

Looks like i'm the first one to disrespect you chef!

HA! But hell it wasen't very hard,

You want some REAL food? Here, let me get you may card.

Gordon Ramsay:Edit

You think you're good because you climbed Mount Everest?

I can make a 5 Star Meal look effortless!

Come to Hell's Kitchen, we'll all have a party,

I'm not even scared of your Black Belt in Karate!

Let me whip you up a 4 meal course,

You think you're better 'cause you were in Britain's Air Force?

I'm done with you Bear, and I don't even care,

Because a wilderness freak and a chef just can't be compared!

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