Rap Battle 5 - Mickey Mouse vs

Rap Battle 5 - Mickey Mouse vs. Bill Clinton


The 5th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It features Disney's mascot Mickey Mouse against the 42nd President of the United States, William "Bill" Clinton. It was uploaded June 30th, 2011.


Mickey Mouse:Edit

My name is Mickey Mouse, and you can see me on TV,

The biggest mistake America's ever made was giving you Presidency,

You did some crazy shit no one understood,

And did so many drugs, you made Charlie Sheen look good,

I'll sweep you from under your feet so no longer you will stand,

I'm a part of the biggest park in the world, they call it Disney Land,

So bring on the heat, as I flow on this beat and nobody here can stop me,

I'm whooping your ass, i'm fragile like glass, so I hope that you don't drop me,

Bill Clinton:Edit

Stop your Jib-Jabber Mickey, your raps are full of crap,

My rhymes are so executed I consider them my Mouse-Trap,

I'm on a dis massacre, so call me Jack the Ripper,

You're gonna lose this battle like Cinderella lost her slipper!

HA! That was a funny joke I just made,

I'll march over you as if I was in the Magic Kingdom Parade,

Sweep me from under my feet? I'd like to see you try,

That's like an ant trying to eat a McDonalds large fry!

Mickey Mouse:Edit

Let me tell you a little story about my life,

I only sleep with one loyal wife,

You sleep with women like you're a pimp,

They don't give you their number 'cause you had sex like a chimp,

Your breath smells like a forest skunk,

The only reason they slept with you is because they were drunk,

They all think you're a stuck up punk,

You're like the Titanic, your relationship sunk!

Bill Clinton:Edit

Mickey Mouse go sink in the ocean blue,

You're just jealous because I get more women than you,

I sleep with real women in my expensive house,

You sleep in bed with an ugly ass mouse,

I can kill you with just one simple glance,

You seem a little shocked Mickey, might wanna go change your pants!

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