Rap Battle 9 - Barack Obama vs

Rap Battle 9 - Barack Obama vs. Osama Bin Laden


The 9th battle in EpicRapBattles10's rap battles. It features 44th and current president Barack Obama against the leader of Al-Queda Osama Bin Laden. It was uploaded November 28th, 2011.


Barack Obama:Edit

Hello my fellow Americans, it's about time that I said,

We killed Osama Bin Laden, he's finally in his grave, dead,

Sure, you can say it took a while to find ya,

But now that you're gone I'll wipe out the rest of Al-Queda,

It's like Home Alone, we pumped your guts full of lead,

We arn't gonna take shit from this guy with a towel wrapped around his head,

We are like Lil' Wayne, Navy Seals make your bed rock,

If this was Call of Duty, I get extra points, Headshot!

Osama Bin Laden:Edit

How's your economy? I heard that it's weak,

How does it take you ten years to win Hide and Seek?

I would watch what you say, i'm a terrorist you all fear,

I can make your loved ones just as easily dissappear,

People will remember me, I brought terror to your soil,

You blame me so you can go to war to get some oil,

I've caused America so much terrible pain,

Hell, you can't even bring toothpaste anymore on planes!

Barack Obama:Edit

What? You call yourself a terrorist?

Now that we've killed you and you're gone, Al Queda is terrorless,

We didn't waste any time, no not one single hour,

You're always wearing a robe as if you just got outta the shower,

My plan was very intense, call me Bill Gates,

Don't mess with a black president, especialy from the United States,

Finally you are over, and lessons have been learned,

Thank You Osama! Becuase killing you gave me another term!

Osama Bin Laden:Edit

Obama, I beileve you have gone insane,

We proved your security's bad, we hijacked all your freaking planes!

I could have easily have diminished all your useless lives,

I wear a robe so I can entertain all my 20 wives!

I came in and swept America off thier feet,

Al-Queda couldn't even find me, I was camping right down the street,

Just like your economic desisions, your raps do suck,

You think you're gonna get another term? HA Good Luck!


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