Karl Marx VS Adam Smith
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Adam Smith vs Karl Marx

Adam Smith vs Karl Marx. Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History 37


The 37th installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It feature's German revolutionary Socialist, Karl Marx, against Scottish father of capitalism, Adam Smith. It was released August 29th, 2013.


Jacob S. as Karl Marx

Mat4yo as Adam Smith


Karl Marx:Edit

I'm starting this battle off with a revolutionary rhyme!

Mark my words, dear Smith, to lose to you would be a crime!

Your wealth is notion that you're a little rich bitch!

Let me Enlighten you on this: You can't rap for shit!

I'm Comm-ing at you Adam, you're in for a Red Scare!

And after I beat you, you'll find that this wasn't laissez-fair!

You should have called your book Oral Sentiment, 'cause it blows!

But I'm not quite sure what's bigger, your ego or your nose!

Adam Smith:Edit

I believe that scientific inquiry could answer all questions asked,

Except for how you spit rhymes at such a low degree of class!

I'll beat ya' you creature, breach your German regime,

Enlighten me? I got into college when I was only fourteen!

Your beard is so massive, you have to clean it at the laundromat!

Your rhymes make me sick, and not just 'cause I'm a hypochondriac!

You're evil as your Communism one and the same,

This is my win and your loss, call it a zero-sum game!

Karl Marx:Edit

Your rhymes are uneducated, you're the one who needs a tutor!

This isn't a game, Adam, it's a first person shooter!

I'm dominating you, Capitalizing on your poor rhymes,

Sure you know about money, but you're not worth a dime!

Great leaders look at Marxism, understand I'm influential,

You don't have the skills or class, and those things are essential!

We're done here, Smith, 'cause I've clearly won this battle,

So gather your kilt, your haggis, your bagpipes, and skedaddle!

Adam Smith:Edit

Great leaders have been influenced by you? Oh the irony!

Because it's a well known fact that you were influenced by ME!

I'll stoop to your level and bring your revolution to an end,

How'd you come up with social science if you didn't have friends?

I'll bring obstruction on this fucker from Prussia who brought destruction,

On the government and turned it into one man giving instuctions!

Smith, he is the dopest, Marx, you know this, bitch you're hopeless!

And the books will say defeating you is my true magnum opus!

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