Thomas Hobbes VS John Locke
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The 62nd installment of Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History. It features English Enlightenment thinkers John Locke rapping against Thomas Hobbes. It was released March 27th, 2014.


Ivo Hora as Thomas Hobbes

Jacob S. as John Locke


Thomas Hobbes:Edit

I'm a busy man, but this is too good to pass,

You see, I shan't miss the chance to kick this crazy man's butt!

Hobbes' and then the next job's to end you, and this I will promise,

This dumb meanie face's destruction will be done by Thomas!

You'll understand I'm better if you let me explain,

I've got a little advantage, see, in the form of a penis!

So go ahead, try and beat me, with all of your impotence,

But there's no denying that I'm your biggest influence!

John Locke:Edit

Don't act so confident, or you'll be in for a shock, 

It seems you're Lost in your thoughts, prepare to get trumped by Locke!

You lived for ninety years, oh? That must have been fun,

Only problem is, I can't see value in one!

You think too poorly of your own kind, and it is a generalization,

Just 'cause you're stupid doesn't mean that so is the entire nation!

I'm in charge of this battle, you're a worthless little rat,

Put down your stupid Leviathan and learn how to rap!

Thomas Hobbes:Edit

John, this is a rap-off, not a form of government, 

And according to your ideals, shouldn't you have my consent?

When it comes to fighting people, my! You're inadequate!

Anyone who says you're better than me is just playing Devil's Advocate!

John Locke:Edit

Silence, Mr. Hobbes, enough of your attitude,

Your mind's just a blank state that seems never to be added to!

You don't believe in God and you're a pessimist jerk!

I'd rather die a thousand times than even look at your work!

Thomas Hobbes:Edit

I was accused of atheism, however, that's not my crime,

But I'm about to be convicted of murder by rhyme,

I've said some things about you, but I've only scratched the surface,

Here, have a big Enlighenment, and realize that you're worthless!

John Locke:Edit

Is seems you lack consciousness, 'cause you're frankly unaware,

That to fight the great John Locke, you must be mentally impaired!

You couldn't even find a wife to have sucked your own son!

Just head back to My friends are almesbury 'cause our battle is done!

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