Naruto Vs Sasuke - Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History

Naruto Vs Sasuke - Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History

Naruto VS Sasuke
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The 10th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It has the hero of his anime, Naruto aganst his rival, Sasuke. It was uploaded on July 5th, 2012.



Alright you gel-haired punk, it's time to give you a beating,

This will be like offing Gara, oh you were busy retreating,

I'm the nine tailed fox, you should really learn your place,

I am my father's pride while you're your brother's disgrace,

With my shadow clone jutsu it's a thousand to one,

Use your sharingan, you'll see i've already won,

I'll smash you like some ramon noodles because that's my favorite dish,

Uchiha blood is not enough, I'll still make you my bitch.


Hmm, interesting, you're calling me a bitch?

I believe the last time we battled, I left your ass in a ditch,

Go back to the Academy, it's where you really belong,

And your shadow clone jutsu is a thousand ass whoopings long,

I think the bell just rang, it's about time that I school ya,

Say Hi to the chick in my bed, goes by the name of Sakura,

I'm like Woods in 05 and you're just my caddy,

And when I send you to Hell, say hi to your Mommy and Daddy.


You're gonna take me to school? You know I don't attend classes,

You think you're better than me? Your sharingans must need glasses,

I won't waste any time, I won't let this battle linger,

That shit you call Chidori looks like a sparkler on your finger,

This is not a game, we're not playing with toys,

But i'm sure Orochimaru touched you like MJ did those boys,

I'm raising the level, I'll leave your ass underwater,

Just like the Uchiha Clan, this shit ended in a slaughter.


Time to Unleash and face the wrath of Uchiha,

I'll leave you covered in stitches, your friends will cry when they see ya,

And don't look too close, I'll put you into Genjutsu,

I've got that Sharingan Swag, the kind you'll never get used to,

No talent, no friends, you'll always be a Genin,

You think I kicked your ass before? Well that was just the begining,

Here's a word of advice, it's from your old "buddy" Sasuke,

Pick a new goal, they don't let bitches be Hokage.

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