Deadpool VS Deathstroke
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Deadpool vs Deathstroke Rap Battle

Deadpool vs Deathstroke Rap Battle

The 21st battle in Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features rival look-a-like assasins Deadpool from Marvel and Deathstroke from DC. It was uploaded March 7th, 2013.



It's the merc with the mouth, mercenary no label,

I'm Wade Winston Wilson, I'm mentally unstable,

But a legend like a fable, ready and i'm able,

Battle me and get unplugged like a cable,

You're a DC dipshit, dipped like a dipstick,

Diss so quick, i'm TOO quick for a dimwit,

Beat his ass to the beat, 'cuz this guy's a fuckin' slowpoke,

Leave him face-down in the street, from a Death Stroke!


I'm the greatest assassin the world's ever known,

And I won't be insulted by a half-baked clone,

The Origanal Terminator, infused with tenacity,

A mind built for stategy, enhanced brain capacity,

Ingenious in battle, predicting your tactics,

You lose in the first, forgive the anti-climatic,

Ending but pretending that this was really a contest,

Would only encorage your sad ego complex!


Can you guys believe this? My feelings are shattered,

That brain must be scattered, 'cuz he should be flattered,

To consider me a clone, while he's sitting in his room,

And I'VE got a blockbuster film comming soon,

Stiff hits of logic is where his smarts have gone south,

A rap battle goes to the guy with the smartest mouth,

Look, no rules bitch, i'll break the fourth wall,

Took a shit on your wit, left this prick in the stall!


I've been taking on titans since you were just a Day Dream,

Your head's so big, they better film your shit in widescreen,

Kevlar King, Flashbomb Technican,

Leave you in a pool of your blood, pun intended,

In Slade VS Wade, here's the final decision,

The Black and Red clown had a deadly collision,

With a vision of the future, i'll be your death tutor,

Every dog has his day, but this pup's been neutered!

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