Mario VS Link
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The 23rd installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features the Mushroom Kingdom's Mario and Hyrule's champion, Link to decide who the king of Nintendo. It was uploaded April 11th, 2013.



It's-A-Me, Mario! A hundred battles under this plumber belt,

Don't need a Fire Flower to bring the heat upon this Keebler Elf!

Let me show him how we do it in the Mushroom Kingdom,

I'd hate to squash a fairy, but somebody should've teamed him!

With an entire legion of green pixie losers,

I'd send 'em back in hearses, just like the Koopa Troopas!

You think you're old enough, so somebody's gotta tell ya',

Last night we made a Triforce, me, Peach, and Zelda!


So you really want to step to the Hyrule Hitman?

A fat, little meatball, who's smelling like a shit can?

You're calling me a fairy? Then i'm guessing you're a troll,

But i'd burn your little bridge before i'd ever pay your toll!

My many incarnations save my nation, evil killing,

While you jump on top of turtles, cleaning pipe for a living!

Your goal every level is jumping on a pole,

I'll shrink you down to size and flush you down your toilet bowl!


Alright, it's time to teach a lesson to this angry adolesent,

Underestimate the strength of the brother that you're messin',

I'm a legend on the console, a hero of the franchise,

King of the Mountain, and this battle was a landslide!

M on my hat, i'm the Don of this game shit,

Time to scratch your game off the top of my hit list,

All time star bitch! Can I get a witness?

While you've got a game named after your princess!


All those magic mushrooms are going to your head,

I'm the Link to your doom, lyrically, you're underfed,

It's time to nail the coffin, i'm getting slightly bored,

And I sliced Peach in half with my other Master Sword,

Who would've thought the Princess would be so sleazy?

She shacked up with Bowser, AND your bro Luigi!

I already told you Zelda's the game, but this is my Legend, it's one and the same,

I'm hitting the beat like a boomerang, and defeat is your only option to claim!

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