Green Arrow VS Hawkeye
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Hawkeye vs Green Arrow THE RAP BATTLE-0

Hawkeye vs Green Arrow THE RAP BATTLE-0

The 25th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features the Avenger's deadshot, Hawkeye, versus DC's sharpshooter, Green Arrow, to decide the better superhuman archer. It was uploaded May 26th, 2013.


Green Arrow:Edit

It's the Star City, sharpshooting, prince of the forest,

The King of the Bow, and you're just a tourist,

Precision is my mission, split you like a water drop,

29 hits per minute, show this clown a trick shot,

Surviving on an island while you were playing circus,

Was that a quiver in your spine? What's the matter? Are you nervous?

This Barney look-a-like is going down Round One,

Now, let's see him shoot an arrow through the barrel of a gun!


I'm the world's greatest marksman, in case you hadn't seen,

Gonna put you on your heels, guess that's why they call you Queen!

By the time I was 6, I was already a professional,

And you were still green, this verse was your confessional!

My skill set is legend, best from the ground up,

Those others stepped to us man, look how THEY wound up!

When you can't find Canary, it's because we were together,

You know what they say about two birds of a feather!

Green Arrow:Edit

Who does your team really turn to when they need a win clenched?

Thier All-Star starting line-up? Or the Hawk on the bench?

You're bringing up my bird, then we'll talk your spider kiddo,

When this battle wraps up, she'll be a REAL Black Widow!

Got an arrow that can solve any problem that arises,

And ah, you're in luck, they come in small sizes!

I think little Clint needs to have his wings clipped,

'Cause he fights from the back, and he rhymes like a bitch!


I think someone's jealous just because my range is farther,

My shots fall smoother, and my lines hit harder!

The crack shot of Marvel, my place? No one's filling it!

You're a stand up guy? Why's your kid illegitamite?

On a winning team, and you want to talk trash?

I checked your team roster, and you're still in dead last!

You lost the whole thing when I stepped in the scene,

You just got recycled, I call it going Green!

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