Iron Man VS Batman
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The 34th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features billionare weapons creator, Tony Stark AKA Iron Man, against the dark knight, Batman. It was uploaded November 22nd, 2013.


Vic (TIS) as Iron Man and Batman


Iron Man:Edit

Call me the Iron Man, but I'm about to take the Iron Throne,

Also known as a Playboy, so don't leave your kitty home alone,

He's visably upset, get the guy a box of tissues,

And considering his past, I understand his sad trust issues!

Guilt and Hatred are healthy motivations,

If you don't consider things like class or reputation!

This is your final battle, hope you've written up a fresh will,

I'll make you feel so cold and abandoned, you'll call me Joe Chill!


You're speaking to the Batman, or Gotham City's general,

You keep on talking trash and I'll leave your ass in Gotham General!

You're headstrong, you need to ease up off the throttle,

And I suggest that while you're at it, how 'bout you ease up off the bottle?

Speaking of the past, how was your stint slinging weapons?

I call it dirty money and I think you're wanting seconds!

The Iron King? You ain't ever been crowned,

Take off the jump suit, you wouldn't last a single round!

Iron Man:Edit

I'll light a candle for Marth Wayne and Thomas,

But if the Dark Knight steps to the Iron King, you're dead, and that's a promise!

Women treat me like Adonis, my Pepper is like a goddess,

And I'm trying to be modest, next to me, you're "Hooked on Phonics",

Though, I'm sorry Bruce, I had to hit you with the suit,

'Cause I'm electric on the mic and I'm electric in the booth,

Look at our backups; I've got War Machine to call in fights,

You've got a teenage boy in red in green who's wearing tights!


Look I'm the number one detective in the case of the Iron Phony,

Better call up Jimmy Rhodes 'cause it's Doomsday Tony!

I'll blast you to oblivion, just give me preperation time,

Then i'll attend your funeral to use as meditation time!

You hate on Robin, I suggest you watch your mouth,

Because the Nightwing cometh and he'll put your lights out!

I'll end you in the dark and watch your limitation heartbreak,

And after I'm done, I'll put some Pepper on my tube steak!

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