Goku vs Naruto THE RAP BATTLE

Goku vs Naruto THE RAP BATTLE

Goku VS Naruto
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The 42nd installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features protagonist of Dragon Ball Z, Goku, rapping against protagonist ninja of the anime of the same name, Naruto. It was released April 24th, 2014.


Vic Porter as Goku and Naruto



This is a momumental mismatch. This kid? He doesn't stand a chance,

Superhuman strength, now I'll wait, while you shit your pants!

It's Goku, son! I even got the drop on Superman!

You didn't come to battle, nah, you look more like a super fan!

But you'll still get the oppurtunity,

Your looks attempt to mirror me, except I've gone through puberty!

So here lies Naruto, I've dug a ditch and picked your plot,

And you'll regret the day that you EVER challenged Kakarot!


World's Strongest, but it looks like it's my time,

Ninja of the highest order, plus I've got some dope rhymes!

It's Naruto, and I'm a top-shelf shinobi,

Which one of your thirty forms are you about to show me?

I'm relentless, I possess a will of fire,

Your Dragon Balls look saggy, think it's time that you retire!

Superhuman strength, but you're still someone's bitch!

I asked around, I heard Chi Chi's got you pussy-whipped!


How dare you test my patience, I did my best to remain calm,

Now it's gone, you will learn, here's a Spirit lyric Bomb!

I'll power-level form swtich,

Kamehameha this bitch!

Master Roshi taught me well,

See this Nine-tailed scrub in hell,

I am the hope of the universe, you'll never measure up to me,

Should have brought your whole team, still could never fuck with me!

Above the imitators, Flying Nimbus high above this fraud,

They put a cross-dressing cub scout go to battle with a God!


Call me an imitation? You're a lower class soldier,

Your planet's just a memory, go cry on Bulma's shoulder!

And speaking of your girls, got Chi Chi flowing like Niagra Falls,

I think this carrot's going soft, you need Viagra Dragon Balls!

I'll end it now or wait until the morning to defeat ya',

Wouldn't want to interrtupt your "Fusion Nights" with Vegeta!

So gather up your balls, you'll need wishes to defeat me,

And hyperbolic training, your flow's shittier than GT!

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