Vegeta vs Sasuke THE RAP BATTLE

Vegeta vs Sasuke THE RAP BATTLE

Vegeta VS Sasuke
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 The 43rd installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History. It features the Saiyan prince Vegeta rapping against Uchiha clan sole surivior Sasuke. It was released May 8th, 2014.


Vic Porter as Vegeta and Sasuke



It's been awhile, but the same murderer, you know me,

The prince of all Sayians chasing after immortality!

Sasuke Uchi-who? It'll be a joke to defeat you,

I don't need a scouter 'cause your bullshit is see-through!

The master of my class, I'm a warrior, and you're a kid,

But since you challenged me, it's time to blow this chump right off the grid,

I'll end you like a Saibamen, yes you're going under,

Right into the cold ground, like your [[big brother!


You say that you're a warrior? Let's put your theroy to the test,

I see that in your universe, you're nothing more than second best,

How does it feel for a prince to accept that,

Being a sidekick for Goku's your best bet?

Bulma's got me on speed-dial, I don't make her wait long,

My game is like my chakra, bro, it's simply too strong,

Look what the dead planet's prince has grown into

The REAL King Vegeta would probably disown you!


  • Yells and transforms to Majin Vegeta

Unleash my fury, get back to my roots!

I'm a cold blooded killer from my hair to my boots!

An original super saiyan power up, so use those eyes to see,

You're never going to defeat me, or avenge your family!

I thought as a ninja, you'd know how to fight back,

Tell you to suck my Dragon Balls, but you'd probably like that!

Big Bang Attack, Galick Gun, Final Flash would do the trick,

So take your pick, it's up to you, how do you want to die, bitch?!


How do I want to die? Is that the best that you can do?

I am your superior, so trust it will be after you,

Judging from your record, it's hard to believe ya',

I'll beat you like Cell, the Androids, or Frieza!

Your biggest claim to fame is taking out Nappa,

Can't decide if you're worse as a warrior or a rapper!

He's got little man syndrome, he's angry he's so small,

This was a high level ninja versus a Super Saiyan troll doll!

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