Frankenstein's Monster battled Slenderman in Xtreme Rap Battles 7. He was played by Val Stevens.


Who the rapper is based off of

Information on the RapperEdit

Frankenstein's Monster is the creation of Henrich Frankenstein, a mad scientist who wanted to create a human from various other human pieces. The origanal story was by Mary Shelley in 1818, but most know the monster from Universal's Frankenstein, played by Boris Karloff. After creation, he escapes the lab after killing Dr. Frankenstein. Eventrually, after the townspeople learn about him, they trap the monster in a windmill and burn it down, killing it. Many stories come afterwords, mostly a desendent of Dr. Frankenstein building another one, and a bride. The Monster, while very strong and tall, can be very kind until angered or scared.


Verse One:Edit

I played your video game, and caught you all in a flash,

This is my rap and tonight, we play the Monster Mash!

I'm the best monster, and that shouldn't be a surprise!

You only kidnap little kids, pick on someone your own size!

I've got ten full length movies, that's how great I am!

You've got 3 crappy documentaries done in shaky cam!

You're an upcoming star but i'm the old school killer,

And you're even less threatening than Michael Jackson's Thriller!

Verse Two:Edit

You need double my lines just to try and compete,

It's my sequel verse now, and we're back to my beat!

You're just a creppypasta myth, and fake like all the rest!

You are indeed killing me because you're boring me to death!

So trick or treat? You ugly, faceless, suited little freak!

If you don't even have a mouth, how can you rap or speak?

Your game is only played my geeky internet nerds,

My lyrical massacre is over, do you have any last words?