Whom the Rapper is Based off


Froggy as Leatherface

Leatherface battled Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Ghostface in Epic Rap Battle Parodies 27. He was voiced by Pop Filter and the body acting was done by Froggy.

Information Edit

Leatherface is the main antagonist of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. He and his family, the Sawyers (Hewitts in the remake) are cannibalistic psychopaths living in the backwoods of Texas, where they find people, kidnap them, kill them (Leatherface usually kills them with a chainsaw), and cook them. There are many different timelines that show what happens to Leatherface.

Lyrics Edit

  • chainsaw noises*


Now the battle's truly started! Leatherface has arrived

And I'm hungry, coming after you, you better hide!

I take pride in the masks I create, I'm the true winner

I'll take you three and bake my family a Thanksgiving dinner

Before that I must skin you all to my victory

I'm the cannibal of history! Buffalo Bill wishes he was me!

I'll take the dreams of Freddy and act like nothing has occurred

Then slice you all up, call it a Texas Chainsaw Massacre!