Freddy Fazbear vs

Freddy Fazbear vs. Slenderman - Video Game Rap Battle

The 12th installment of Video Game Rap Battles and Season 1 Finale. It features the antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's, Freddy Fazbear, rapping against antagonist of Slender: the 8 Pages, Slenderman. It was uploaded February 8th, 2015.

Cast Edit

Cameron Greely as Slenderman

Stofferex as Freddy Fazbear

Lyrics Edit

Slenderman: Allow me to take us past booty when the faceless skeletal divinity was doing the booty Now let us move forward to 2014, when people are afraid of an exalted booty Observing all you life, but now it's time to booty Step off the stage into my forest and you'll never last five booty Don't you know by now, it's booty The reason the cameras out in the booty Are you ready Freddy, your in my hands, terrorizing the web more then you booty

Freddy: Walk into my restaurant, you wouldn't even survive one night! Because it's always 1987 when I step up to the mic! I got a really killer band that will rock your proxy crew! And your right, your outdated, It's time we redesigned you! You'll be tangled, leave you mangled, and switch to backstage view, where we take you useless body, and stuffed it in a real suit! You powers running low, keep you flashlight close at hand! It's me who's winning Slenderman. Teleport away while you can!

Slenderman: Put that camera down, don't look or I'll take you! Your just my Toy Freddy, my prized golden statue! I follow like your shadow, you're just a puppet to my schemes! Children run at you with glee, because their all trying to hide from me! I'll rake up you remains, not leave a trace! I don't need your mask, nor even a face! In the horror genre, your a disgrace! And your raps stink worse then your pizza place! I've seen scarier things in treasure island run by mickey mouse! I'll shut you down! There's no reopening this time around!

Freddy: Your telling me what's frightening, now this is getting funny! Do I even need to bother to bring up slendertubbies? Let's party until 6 AM, I'm here in the spotlight! I'll give you the pink slip, then I'll take your life! You may be standing tall now, but we've only begun! Let me drop you to pirate cove, then Bonnie and Chica join the fun! So here's my final rule for safety when you step to me, bring more then a dead fanbase against the

Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy: The fazbear family!

Trivia Edit

Freddy made a reference to Golden Freddy (who also appeared when he said "and stuff it in a real suit" for a second) "It's me who's winning Slenderman", Also refrencing Mangle with "leave you mangled"

Slenderman made a reference to Toy Freddy, Golden Freddy, Shadow Freddy, The Puppet, and even fellow creepypasta rake.