The Burger King Battled Ronald McDonald in Epic Rap Battles of Cartoon History 5.


Who the Rapper is based off of

Information On The RapperEdit

The Burger King is the mascot of Burger King, a fast food chain. He was invented in 1955 in a Burger King store in Miami. He has went through alterations and changes until he is how he is today. He has endorsed The Simpson Movie in the past and has even made three low budget games. He is one of the most noticeable mascots in advertising.


Verse One:Edit

I'm the King! And i'm coming in hard,

Gonna wrap onion rings around this retard!

I'd say you're a joke, but you already know,

I can tell by that Napoleon Dynamite Fro!

Two all beef patties? Well i've got flame broiled heat!

I'm going home to a throne, you're going home to defeat!

Ha! Whopper Jr. could handle this clown,

Replace that double cheese smile with an up-sized frown!

Verse Two:Edit

Don't forget, you're speaking to a royal,

I'll wrap your leftover rhymes in aluminum foil,

When it comes to this game, I won't cut you any slack,

Oh, and I caught the Hamburgler, sneaking Whoppers in the back!

And you're a pimp? Well that's just absurd!

Unless you're pimping cashiers with that line "Billions Served"!

They put a rodeo clown against an OG that's thuggin' it,

It was a King-Sized Victory bitch! I'm lovin' it!