Mr Trololo vs Rick Roll

Mr Trololo vs Rick Roll. Xtreme Rap Battles 3



The 3rd battle in Xtreme Rap Battles. It features Rick "Rick Rolling" Astley VS Eduard "Trololo" Khil. It was released June 26th, 2012

Teddy Drummund as Rick Astley

Val Stevens as Eduard Khill


Eduard Khill:Edit

My name is Mr.Trololo, just call me Mr. T,

'Cause I pity all you fools with crappy internet memes,

I'm not even interested in this battle. Does it show?

Watch out Rick Roll, i'm gettin Trolo low low,

Everytime I try to watch something it takes me to you,

Is that how you managed to get 65 million views?

You're like a skinny CopperCab, you know what you should do?

I know you're never gonna, but I'd give up if I were you!

Rick Astley:Edit

Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down,

And I'd never miss a chance to destroy this CLOWN!

Compared to me, you are a ZERO!

Just talk to me when there's a TrololoVEVO!

I'll wipe that Creeper smile off of your face!

Ship you back home to Russia, back in your place!

You'll need a stroke of luck to win aganst me!

Nevermind, you had one! Except it wasen't too lucky!

Eduard Khill:Edit

You wanna make jokes about how i expired?

is that your hair or did someone set your scalp on fire?

Even in death I will troll you! You just can't escape it!

They'll sing it at my funeral, will somebody tape it?

And upload it to Youtube, so the whole world can see,

That i'm the better Troll, better than you Rick Astley!

Rick Astley:Edit

The world's lost you now, but we didn't lose a lot!

Just the writer of a song that required no thought!

I'm a much better dancer, all your doing is walking!

Are those the real lyrics, or is that the beer talking?

You have no fans, and I get ALL the ladies!

I'm the king of the internet, or at least king of the 80's!

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